My name is Roy Brown and I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

I have been involved in building websites for some years now, and although I know a bit about building sites for other people, I neglected to learn the art of actually marketing on the internet.

The internet is so big now and I thought that I would probably never be found.

Like most enthusiastic beginners I spent a lot of time browsing different websites and buying up big on different courses and products, looking for the best ways to advance into marketing with my own site. And that’s how a came to teamed up with the top Internet Marketer & coach Sean Mize and the inspiration to put all that I have learned from him into a membership site to help you and others in acquiring the knowledge I now have to achieve a modest success without having to spend a lot of money as I did.

My goal is to bring to you as much of the great Internet Marketing information, Sean offers in his training courses as I can, and were possible allow you the marketing rights so that you can make them accessible to as many people as possible.

You can get access to all his great training all in one place. HERE!

Who Is Sean Mize. Initially made his “claim to fame” on ezinearticles by writing ~ 1500 articles his first 10 months in the business, then by hiring writers to write another ~23,500 – Next, Sean developed a virtual coaching program system designed to make it super easy for someone to coach 100% from home with just a telephone and an internet connection, and then wrote a book, Anyone Can Coach, to teach the system.

Now he teaches online marketers with established businesses how to increase email conversion, sell more products, create coaching programs, and automate revenue through emails.


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